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     When it comes to triggers, or things which enhance depression and suicidal thoughts, they could be numerous or there might only be a few. It is different from person to person. Some examples are:  a certain sound, smell, or image,  financial situations, loneliness, nightmares, pain, loss, large crowds that cause anxiety, loud noises, traumatic events, personal performance (at work and at home), and intense movies that may cause flashbacks.

     It is important to talk to your Veteran to try and identify these triggers so you can try to avoid them when possible. Some of these might be easier to get under control than others, for example if you are planning to go somewhere together that may be crowded and noisy, talk about it first.  If your Veteran is uncomfortable with going, try to find something else to do. If you’re already there and their anxiety starts to spike, remove them from the situation. If it’s something unseen that’s weighing on their mind, simply say I love you, or let them know that you’re there for them, don’t let it go unnoticed or ignored. Sometimes it’s the smallest gestures that people feel in the biggest of ways.

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