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     A lot of people are under the impression that “if I ask, that might put it in their mind to do it”. Not true. Most people that are depressed and are contemplating suicide don’t want to die, they just feel that it’s the only way out. Another stigma is that people who contemplate suicide are weak or selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth. As far as selfish, well, it’s almost just the opposite. At least in my personal experience, family and loved ones are the first things thought of, with the end thought being, “they’re better off without me”, or, “at least I won’t be a burden to them anymore”. Weak? Let’s talk about that. Imagine battling something you can’t see, touch, hear, or even know how to control let alone having no clue of what exactly is going on inside your own head. It takes a great deal of strength to fight your own mind and thoughts every day. Now add that to the everyday stresses and struggles of life.

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