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Meet The Founder:

       My name is Chris Cambre.  I am a 12 year Army Veteran with a year's tour in Iraq.  I was medically discharged (honorable) as an E5 Sergeant.  I spent four years on the Honor Guard team, nine years on SRT.  I have been through many, many schools and training courses, and instructed many, many soldiers in everything from basic Drill and Ceremony to Defensive tactics, riot control, rules of force, and everything in between.  I lost two soldiers within the same year to suicide, with many more as the years went by.  These weren't only my soldiers, they were good friends, what I call family.  I decided a few years ago that something had to be done, someone had to speak up and break the silence about Veteran suicide.  Well now, the time for talking has passed. Now I have made it a mission, a mission of not just talk, but of action.  Please join me in my mission to help end Veteran suicide.  22 Veterans commit suicide every day.  The mission isn't over until we go from 22 to 0.  Thank you.

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